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Fast diesel Trucks Dodge Cummins Vs. Chevy Duramax

Important Tips for First Time Four Wheelers

Four wheeling is quite adventurous especially when one goes out with buddies. Trails and off road spaces are set for people who love exploring remote and undeveloped areas. It is important for anyone preparing to undertake this exercise to adhere to the set rules to avoid getting into collisions with authorities. It is your personal reasonability to take care of yourself. Always remember you are in a remote area and medical help cannot be accessed as easily as is the case in urban areas. As any other exercise, this also requires some prior knowledge and good preparation. Here are some tips that will help you do responsible wheeling along the rough roads in the backcountry.

The first thing is to know the roads that are open to four wheel driving. It’s not on every other road that you should do four wheeling. Do a survey before the day of the adventure to avoid getting lost on this day which you are supposed to be having fun. Get a map of the place you will be visiting and stick to it throughout the adventure. If possible, avoid muddy places which can cause wheel spin and rutting. Avoid obstacles that can cause damage to your vehicle and cut short the adventure. You do not need to be told to avoid alcohol and drugs while four wheeling because you well know the effects of drunk driving. Also remember that you are not the only person using this road and therefore you need to drive responsibly. Do not turn around along narrow roads as this too could be dangerous. Wait until you get to a safer place where you can turn. Some people overrate the power of their vehicle and even assume they can cross streams at any place. Be careful as this is very dangerous. Always ensure you cross streams at designated places where the road crosses it.

Another important preparation is to ensure you do not go alone as this could be dangerous incase of emergency or accident. If you part ways at some point, designate a place where you will meet and set time. It is important to have a radio call or a cell phone which you can use to call your buddies incase of emergency. Always remember that your safety comes first and therefore take could care of yourself. Always carry with you towing ropes and chains to use if you get stuck in mud.  In Utah diesel performance is one of the key considerations.  Make sure that you diesel vehicle is maintained and will not leave you stranded in the back country.  Since so many in our area are avid four wheelers, it is easy to find a reputable diesel performance shop.

You are doing four wheel driving and therefore you need to know how to drive over obstacles and not go round them as in normal driving.Also when approaching a hill, go straight up and down using the right gear. While driving, you do not to have your tyres full as this can challenge your driving. Deflate them until a burge is visible but again do not drive with the tyres too much deflated.

You do not need to be told that you need to have your safety belt on whenever driving. Also be prepared for any weather because you never know what may come up during the adventure day.

Answers To Automotive Questions

I was having trouble with a water pump in my 1995 Ford Mustang.  I could not figure out where to turn, when I discovered http://28zr.com/how-do-i/ .  What a great resource.  I was able to ask a quick question and get a quick answer.  There seems to be a great wealth of knowledge on a variety of automotive topics.  It is 100% free and I found answers to all kinds of questions.  I would really recommend it.

FASS Fuel Systems Fuel Pump Review

So what is a FASS? FASS stands for fuel air separation system. The short answer is that a Fass fuel system is a diesel fuel pump. Most people don’t know that air and vapor are trapped in all diesel fuel. This trapped air reduces the efficiency of the burning fuel. Eliminating air and vapor and injecting only pure fuel, improves the performance of your engine. Look around a little, and you will find that air and vapor in diesel fuel are the cause of many known problems. In a 1990 study Caterpillar said the following: “normally number two diesel fuel contains about 10% airs in solution, although the error is not visible.” Caterpillar went on to say: “when the amount of dissolved air exceeds 10%, fuel rate and power output are reduced.”

Fass Fuel Systems states: “Our study has led us to understand that even less than 10% dissolved air and fuel still affects the engine’s performance adversely.”

Among the recognized problems are the following:

  • Reduced Horsepower
  • Reduced Fuel Mileage
  • Increased Exhaust
  • Fuel Injector Failure
  • Difficulty Starting
  • Inconsistent Idling
  • Poor Performance under Load

So what are the benefits of a FASS fuel system?

The primary benefit is obviously the elimination of air and vapor in your diesel fuel. This gets you the best overall performance from your diesel vehicle. It also prolongs the life of your entire fuel system. You can see the benefit of this performance improvement in the dino reports published on www.fassride.com.

Additionally, the Fass fuel pump is the quietest on the market. The problem with this benefit is that you won’t appreciate it until you have experienced it for yourself. Fass fuel pumps come with a significantly larger capacity fuel filter than most competitors. This also improves performance and increases the life expectancy of the fuel filter. Fass is one of the few companies that still manufactures parts in America. They are very proud that their parts can be stamped “made in America”.

Fass products come with an excellent lifetime warranty. You can be assured that if anything ever goes wrong with your Fass fuel pump, they will be there to resolve the problem.

After looking at the Fass pumps I would highly recommend them. I don’t think you can go wrong with any of their products.

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